Have I got a bad lens?

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Re: Have I got a bad lens?

Mako2011 wrote:

That indeed looks a bit soft and I see no indication it's not in focus. Step back a tad and try at 50mm and stopped down just a bit also. Looking to see if it sharpens up as it should be pretty good stopped down. If it doesn't then it really is off.

At f5.6 it does look sharper but it's still nowhere near as sharp as I'd expect. But as it stands at f2.8 I just don't think it would deliver the goods.

Note: Angled charts can screw up a comparison like this. Just shoot it taped to a wall flat. If the D700 has LiveView...a comparison of CDAF and PDAF will tell if focus is off.

The D700 does have liveview but I must admit I haven't figured out how to use it properly yet. How do I compare CDAF & PDAF using it then?

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