Anyone else pre-order EOS-M ?

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Re: Anyone else pre-order EOS-M ?

Sean Nelson wrote:

Lk400 wrote:

However, if the format is (for now) aimed at P&S updaters, there may be enough interest to get this format off the ground.

This is exactly the Achilles heel, IMO, because there is absolutely no particular reason for a P&S updater to choose the EOS-M when there are so many other competitive products out there. If the P&S updater also has a Canon DSLR, then there's the investment in glass as motivation. But for a casual photographer I can't really see how the EOS-M distinguishes itself as a particularly strong contender.

Still, Canon does have the largest retail presence and strong marketing. It will be interesting to see how much push they're going to make for the system once it becomes generally available.

I think they're riding a lot of on brand recognition and a strong retail presence.

When I checked out mirrorless cameras at Best Buy, the Nikon 1 had a lovely, well-decorated end cap, completely separate from the others. The others took me several passes to locate - and I was specifically looking for them.

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