Canon 46mp beast

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
studio311 Contributing Member • Posts: 553
Re: Ongoing discussion is here:

Oh so true

If Canon announces a 46MP, high DR camera...the hypocrisy of the Canon fanboys that will fill this forum will be breathtaking. Time to make popcorn.

Dan_168 wrote:

do we really need more that 24mp?

for web? no. for tablets which will become magazines and newpapers in the not so far future? no. for 8x10's & 4x6" prints? no.

No, no one needs it until Canon officially announced it, just like no Nikon user ever need a FF and high ISO until the day D3 came out, no one needs an advance AF system on a 5-series until the 5D3 is announced, so probably no one needs more pixel and D.R. until whatever Canon new model is announced, at the moment, only Nikon user needs those useless stuffs

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