What features do Canons have that Nikons do not?

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Re: What features do Canons have that Nikons do not?

Your post should be required reading before dpreview registration is allowed.

gdanmitchell wrote:

Both brands produce excellent cameras, lenses, and other gear. Excellent photographers use both brands to produce outstanding photographs in virtually all genres. You cannot tell by looking at photographs which system was used - if you walked into a gallery containing beautiful large prints made from photographs from both Nikon and Canon systems you would be completely unable to tell which photographs came from which brand of camera.

From time to time, one or the other camera from either manufacturer might seem slightly "better" than a similar camera from the other if you look at the comparison from some particular perspective. However, the differences are typically trivial, and most often the advantage soon reverses, and then reverses again, and then...

When it comes to choosing one brand over the other you might as well flip a coin. I understand how invested people can become in Brand A v Brand v controversies (Mac OS v Windows, Toyota v. Honda, East Coast v. West Coast, etc.) but sometimes the objective fact is that both options are really very good. That is certainly the case when it comes to Canon and Nikon. The hyperkinetic "Nikon sucks" and "Canon sucks" posters are not worth paying any attention to at all. They are wrapped up in some sort of bizarre team loyalty thing that has no relevance to actual decisions among brands.

When serious photographers get together to shoot or socialize or talk photography, this forumtography kerfuffle about Nikon v. Canon virtually never comes up, except as the source of some head-shaking and laughter, or occasionally some aggravation.

Of all the decisions you'll make as a photographer, answering the "Nikon or Canon?" question is almost certainly among the very least important.


trale wrote:

I was contemplating a switch to Nikon for a little while, but Canons have one crucial feature that I cannot live without for my style of photography:

The ability to Memorize and instantly return to a pre-determined AF point,


This allows me to set a back-button to AF-start at the memorized AF-pt, independent of the position of the currently-selected AF point (which is still linked to the shutter-half-press). So at any time, I can either focus the currently-selected AF pt, or the memorized AF pt, and toggle between them instantly if necessary.

The orientation linked AF feature is also very handy, and as indispensable as the above. These alone keeps me in Canon's camp.

Are there any other cool features you like about Canons (that Nikons don't have)?
Another one off the top of my head is the comparison/dual view in Playback mode.

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