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fealcen wrote:

I've just joined to try and get some user help. I've heard this model is just out and I was wondering if it would meet my needs - and which are the other comparable models around? I'm highly surprised that there's no thread for this yet.

I'm after a bridge or compact system style model. I currently have an EOS 450 dslr and am fed up with lugging a big camera and spare lens round. I'd love a portable size camera (don't mind it's weight - being female, my handbag has inured me to weight).

I believe the size and type of sensor are more important (to a point) than the number of MP but the technical stuff mostly makes my eyes glaze. I'd love a kit lens that can let me both zoom (for interesting details on or in buildings) and do macro (flowers). I'd like a camera that can give decent results up to ISO1200 and allow me to mess with the white balance. I appreciate some image stabilisation too as I have a slight tremor and can occasionally find it difficult to keep the camera still enough.

I can't work out if this is a successor to the SX40 HS or is a slightly inferior, and thus cheaper, camera. Would the sx160 meet my needs anyway?

All advice gratefully received.

The SX50 is the replacement for the SX40, the SX500 is inferior to the SX50, might be the same level as the SX40 I really don't know, Also do yourself a favor stay FAR AWAY from the SX160 and all that model lineup sx210, sx220,sx160, basicly this line which uses the same camera model look. The lens gets dust SUPER easy INSIDE BEHIND the glass. I gave my father one and less than a month he had dust behind the glass and the store refused to take it back as faulty.
And apparently this happen's to most people sooner or later.

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