How is the DA 14mm f/2.8?

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Vaards Senior Member • Posts: 1,328
It is really good.

I have 14mm and 15mm ltd.

15mm ltd is sharper at f5.6 and smaller, but anyway - 14mm lens at f.2.8 is good and sharp (usable) - some unsharpness is seeable on corners when one takes picture in nature with leaves, grass and other tiny elements. But for outside it is reasonable to close to F5... F6.3 and it is perfectly good!

For mega-art usefulness of 2.8 is good too - one can use close focus and have rather good bokeh blur around photographed subject (if it is not big subject, of course). So, in this case softness at corners does not mean nothing or is even better - helps to blur out of focus area

And one more thing - it is extremely good for shots agains sun - flares is almost nonexistant!

And it is better than sigma wide angle zooms. Although I didn't had a chance to compare with pentax 12-24mm.

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