Reid up with more M details

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Re: Reid up with more M details

photomeme wrote:

He points out the EVF frame rate is a disappointing 30fps, so the image blurs when recomposing or following a dynamic subject.

It's not the EVF that is 30fps, it's the sensor that delivers 30fps to the EVF. That means that also the LCD is 30fps.

30fps is a really low figure, which blurs almost any kind of panning or subject tracking. Just test some even gentle subject tracking with the Sony Nex7 to appreciate how the EVF blurs the scene beyond usage.

The Olympus OMD has a 120fps sensor offtake, allowing any kind of panning or subject tracking.

Of course the OMD is not a Leica M, but 30fps really is EP1 territory. Adequate for static photos, challenging for moving scenes.

Personally I do not care about EVF or LCD live view, and would only buy the M or rangefinder photography only. I pre-ordered the M, but will decide later based on actual performance.

Too bad Leica skimped on a few dollars feature, unless the sensor manufacturer was unable to implement more than 30fps.

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