Zeiss came along 55 1.4 and 135 f2

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Zeiss came along 55 1.4 and 135 f2


Zeiss did visit my camera store in Hamburg, Germany (IPS Hamburg) and brought directly from Photokina the new 55 1.4 - Serial Number 007

The lens is very large and heavy for a 50mm lens. It looks awesome and has the look of their professional Cine Lenses with the yellow writing. He told me that the Cine Lenses just won an Oscar for best Cinelenses.

He showed me a print and compared regular 50 1.4 pictures with the new 55 1.4 pictures shot with the D800. There were 100% crops and the difference was huge. No CA, awesome contrast, super sharp and much more detail visible. I am not sure which F-Stop they have used to compare but I believe it was wide open. I did some shots with a 5D Mark III but was not allowed to put in a memory card.

Price is still unclear but they are already taking orders. It will be released in H2CY13. It will probably be somewhere between 2.000€ and 3.000€. He compared it to a Leica lens and said that the new lense just smokes the Leica one and therefore the pricing is not expensive. I am pretty sure that this lens will be a legend and kind of the holy grail like the Nikon Noct was and is. The 55 1.4 is much better though according to him. I am very curious which other lenses they will release. He also mentioned that they only used the best glass and did build the lens so big that the output is larger than the sensor. Therefore just the center part is used and this makes the results so much better.

I also tried the new 135 f2. Looks awesome and seems perfect. Release is probably Feb. 2013. He said that he could not find any flaws yet but they are still analyzing the lens and he did not want to compare it with the Zeiss 100 f2. MF was surprisingly not that hard as I expected since the lens is so sharp wide open that you see pretty good what is sharp.

And one last update: Zeiss may release a 15mm lens without build in lens hood so Slot in GND Filters can be used as well. The 15mm lens is really a piece of art and performance extremely well.

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