D600 : "cheap" wide primes ?

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Re: D600 : "cheap" wide primes ?

It's not how wide but how close that matters. The distance from camera to subject has a significant effect on perspective. I find the ideal distance is around 15 feet. It's far enough to render features naturally but still close enough to talk to the subject. I sometimes have to work closer and thus be very careful about my composition.

A shorter distances, things closer to the camera appear larger. This makes for large feet, legs hands or arms if they are extended toward the camera. it also means noses than appear larger than they are.

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I am unsure why people mix "wide" with "portrait" , those terms are mutually exclusive.

A colleague had a photo of his wife on his PC taken with a Canon 35mm F1.4 lens. It was a very effective portrait, the fast lens isolating the subject, and the 35mm focal length allowing the background to be present, to add context.

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