FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

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Re: FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

Retzius wrote:

FX lens on DX will work fine but will change the effective focal length.

Yes, but to clarify, an FX lens on DX looks the same as a DX lens on DX. (A DX 35/1.8 gives you the same field of view as an FX 35/2 ... it's just that on DX, either of them gives you a FOV similar to a 50mm lens on FX). I only say that because some newbies think that DX lenses have FLs that aren't subject to the crop factor and that therefore are somehow different from FX lenses marked with the same FLs.

DX lens on FX will work but will give vignetting (not recommended).

Depending on the manufacturer & model, the full frame camera might simply give you an APS-C crop with an APS-C lens attached. And sometimes the APS-C lens will only vignette at the wide end of the zoom range and/or fastest aperture settings.

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