More pixels = more detail (no matter the pic size)? Large file.

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Re: AA Filter

Flashlight wrote:

But is it a fact?

I'll try to explain why in layman's terms as a non native English speaker.

An AA filter is a low pass filter that ideally cuts off frequencies higher then the the resolution of the sensor to avoid aliasing artifacts. A sensor with a higher pixel density has an AA filter that has a higher cutoff point. If the the D800 had the same AA filter as the D600 it would never be able to resolve more then the D600.

Unfortunately these Filters are not ideal and they normally start blurring before the ideal cutoff point as they aren't endlessly steep in their filtration curves. In other words an AA filter designed for a 24MP FX sensor is probably letting less information through then the 24 MP can resolve. Lets say for instance 22MP's worth. Which is why some people prefer cameras without AA Filters. The AA filter for 36MP also lets less then 36 MP resolution through, lets say 30 MP. So when you downsize the 36MP picture to 24 You will have more fine details then the 24MP Sensor produced.

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