I'm doing my best but .....

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I'm doing my best but .....

... with the low use of this forum, I reckon it is doomed to be designated to be one that gets the chop. Just not enough activity from most who said they were interested and did not want to lose this facility.

Anyway - on my visit to Torrox (Southern area of Costa del Sol) this Tuesday (have already posted two images) here are three more in hope can generate some participation.

First shows the yellow foam type coating to waterproof and protect adjacent properties whilst new building work is underway. Second is a general view of the main Plaza in Torrox and last, a little capture of some textures and shadows. All with the DCS14n with the little Nikkor 35-80 - I only had half an hour so had to get what I could in the Plaza area - have about 20 shots in all, so these are just some selected from those. As mentioned in my other post, there is little (mostly in fact NO) evidence of the ITI Flag syndrome spoiling any of the shots, so am pleased with that and also, the image quality from that inexpensive kit lens looks pretty good. As I always focus (and expose and everything else) manually, the focusing is a little tricky because without the AFG function, the focusing is very fiddly and easy to upset when letting go - so will have to find some way to sort that out and make it less inclined to move at the slightest touch.

Hope you enjoy these happy snaps! BTW - the next morning we woke at home to the first drizzle of rain for months - only had a little since May 2011, so a pleasant surprise and welcomed. You can see in the main Plaza shot there are many Roman busts on tops of the buildings - every one has these in abundance. Found plenty of references to past Roman occupation but could find nothing specific about why there is this unique collection of the busts. Shall have to do more googling! :-.P

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