iPhone replaces current pocket camera ?

Started Sep 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Wow! 1060?

Wow! 1060? Get any good shots of Charlemagne ?

btw, Anedi's wrong. The correct camera app makes a huge difference on a cellphone cam. Like her, I've been shooting since the '60s and so have a little experience here. I'm totally enamored with shooting serious stuff on my iPhone. It's become a crusade to find the best camera and editing apps. I've tried lots of both. If image quality is the goal, not cutsie after effects; the cam app matters. Right now nothing compares to 645PRO in my estimation. Download it, shoot something, zoom in and compare it to your supplied iPhone cam app. Literally no comparison. It beats Camera+, Hueless, Top Camera, MPro, etc. I like the functionality of some for video better though. And Not all allow you to trip the shutter with volume control buttons or earbuds. But for clean, usable jpeg the 645 folks have it right for now.

The thing about the Nokia is why bother? If you need that much resolution, carry a real camera with interchangeable lenses. Many of the newer mirror less cams are small.

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