I want to try film!!!

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Re: I want to try film!!!

Film is lots of fun - it's nice to focus on single images and make them as good as they can be on the first 'try' rather than have some of the luxuries of digital and spray-n-pray. You've got a good camera to start with - it will do most of what you will need and offer good IQ. Forget the 'Holga' advice - cheap plastic 'Holga' photography is the newest 'fad' in hipster land ... "look at those cool light leaks!". You've got a much more capable camera.

thegreat26 wrote:

Well not much to say. I just wanted to share it with you. A lot of people around me keep telling me about the old film days and that photography was something special back then.

I keep saying that i am not a photographer but an artist and since photoshop, lightroom, photomatix and so many more software suites are there for us is not a crime to use them.

But deep inside me i know that digital era is much easier and probably i am not the only one here who feels like that.
So what i did....................................

I ve just bought a Pentax ME super to prove everybody wrong. To prove that a digital guy can go analogue as well.

Well just wish me good luck. (And in the end of the day i will have one more piece of art in my hands).

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