28-200mmm fixie with decent sensor?

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Svein Eriksen Senior Member • Posts: 1,777
Re: 28-200mmm fixie with decent sensor?

Clearzoom is digital zoom. Maybe slightly better than doing a resize in Photoshop, but don't expect it to replace optical zoom. However, the RX100 is a nice camera and you can crop quite a bit and still get decent image quality.

Ther aren't that many other options for 28-200 and larger than P&S sensor. Nikon P7700 is already mentionoed, but it doesn't have a viewfinder and the sensor isn't that much larger than on a Panasonic travel zoom.

Getting a superzoom lens for the G3 seems the best option to me. Why not just ask her if she has a clear limit on size? Or show her the options? No surprise, but you might get it right.

TN Args wrote:

I hadn't considered the RX100, with its 16mm sensor, but I didn't know about that Clearzoom function. I will look into it more closely. Thanks for the tip-off!

I wonder if any other models (- e.g. the Canon G1X) can do that?

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