Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

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Re: There is a real difference

qianp2k wrote:

Every vendor has its own unique processing, never the same. The notion that you can easily move the sliding bars in LR to adjust colors and skin tone to your favorable look are not true. Canon skin tone more towards to magenta while Nikon more towards to orange/yellow. It's not that easy as many thought to adjust to the same look.

The easiest way to get accurate colors with either system is to use a color reference card, such as the QPcard or the ColorChecker. You can then easily generate an optimal camera color profile that matches the reference colors (including white balance) as well as possible for the current scene illumination. Ideally, the reference colors should include skin tone or close to skin tone samples.

I prefer Canon skin tone that just look more pleasing to my eyes. I have no problem for those prefer Nikon colors and skin tone.

These differences are just in the default camera jpeg color profile. You should not rely on those if you care about color.

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