Sony NEX-5R Touch Screen vs NEX-6 lack of touch screen?

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Re: Sony NEX-5R Touch Screen vs NEX-6 lack of touch screen?

I think touchscreen is invaluable.

Right hand thumb on the hard buttons and navigation wheel and left hand thumb to touch the part of the picture I want to set focus on. With manual lenses the touchscreen is one of the most important features if you want to pinpoint focus in shortest time possible.

Without touchfocus more shots will be missed and considering that a singel moment could be lost forever the touchscreen get invaluable. The more intuitive handling of the camera is just a bonus. I often use my right hand thumb to push the hard buttons and the left hand thumb to select what's shown in the display. Two hands can do more on shorter time than one hand can...

If I always would use E-mount lenses I might not value the touch-feature as high, but I chose the Nex system just because it gives me the option to use almost any manual lens on the market and thats why the I value the touchfocus highly...

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