I want to try film!!!

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Re: I want to try film!!!

Chris Mak wrote:

thegreat26 wrote:

Well not much to say. I just wanted to share it with you. A lot of people around me keep telling me about the old film days and that photography was something special back then.

I keep saying that i am not a photographer but an artist and since photoshop, lightroom, photomatix and so many more software suites are there for us is not a crime to use them.

But deep inside me i know that digital era is much easier and probably i am not the only one here who feels like that.
So what i did....................................

I ve just bought a Pentax ME super to prove everybody wrong. To prove that a digital guy can go analogue as well.

Well just wish me good luck. (And in the end of the day i will have one more piece of art in my hands).

Good luck then!

I must say that I personally feel, that despite the clear advantages, digital photography still hasn't yet reached the level where it has the same awe inspiring effect on me that the better film photography had and still has.

Sometes I see prints that simply captivate me, prints from film photography that is.

I guess it has something, or much, to do with the seemingly endless exposure latitude with film photography, that makes it ideally suitable for magic play with light.

Exposure range is what made me go for the k5, but good as it is, it still is digital and hs the cursed limitations of digital. But I love it nontheless, and one day that digital sensor or technology will arise that can handle light the way film could.


well that will never happen. with film reflected light from the subject passes through the lens and actually etches into the film emulsion like an engraver. Both digital and film have their own glories, one is not better than the other.

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