Looking for a good site about monitor calibration

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Re: Looking for a good site about monitor calibration

First off you need to know a few things about 'color space' vs color depth. Colors space in most cases is sRGB by default for both your monitor and printer.

Each device needs a calibration, first the monitor then the printer.
This will insure that what you will is what you get.

Caveat: folks who do not have their monitor calibrated will not see the quality of your images. This of course extend to 99.99% of the internet population.

The only solution to your problem is a hardware device. Software solution and the like do not half as well as it is claimed.

The hardware solution goes from a 50/90 USD to a few grands. A color calibration device will set you back about $75.00. A printer calibration, will be almost at the same price.

Work flow:
1. Calibrate your monitor using a hardware device (5 to 10 minutes)
2. Do a test shot with a grey card (12%) as a 'neutral point of reference.

3. Check the color accuracy using this card (cameras are NOT accurate, Nikon goes toward warm tones and Canon cold ones, the others? Who knows.)
4. Create a calibration profile for your camera.

5. In the software you use make sure to select both the monitor profile and the camera profile.

6. Printer has the same process calibration/test shot/ enter into software used, printer profile.

There are loads of articles on color calibration on internet and you can find sellers of calibration devices to full certified calibrated monitors solutions (note that the printer is not included in that case)....

Good luck

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