Not sure which way to go (d5100 or 350d)

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As a Canon user...

I would go for the D5100. It is a leap ahead of the 350D and back when I had a 350D it was the camera I was looking at upgrading to. The group of lenses you list with the 350D are not an expensive set to get. I got the 18-55IS for $50 second hand, the 55-250IS for $140 and saw the 50mm F1.8 recently for $60 (which would probably have been 45 to 50 after beating down) so while they are good bang for buck lenses they don't justify getting older tech. You would probably get the urge to get better lenses soon enough anyway. Besides, at the moment you could probably get a 450D and an 18-55IS for around $400 now (I have seen them) and get a better rig. Don't get me wrong, the 350D served me well but it is a bit long in the tooth now but then the last body I got was a 550D for $480 so I could be a little spoiled in my opinion. It was when I was entertaining the D5100 but a bargain fell in my lap and made up my mind. Then again since then I have seen 600Ds for around $500 so the merry-go-round continues.

As far as the Nikon equivalent lenses are concerned I have seen all of the kit standard lenses around for pretty similar prices as the Canons but again you could wind up upgrading them in the end anyway.

So basically if it came down to the two it would have to be the D5100 if only for the larger screen but you could just look around just a little more, be a little more patient and wait for a better bargain on a better camera.

cugrizz wrote:

So I am going to buy my first DSLR. I have been doing some research and I was planning to buy the Nikon D5100. I feel like it has everything that I would want for some better photography.

However, I was just offered a Canon 350D with 3 lenses (18-55, 50mm, and 55-250) and a crumpler bag. Price would be 500 dollars.

I know the 350D is an older camera, but it has only a few thousand pictures taken. But again, it is much older than the 5100. But, I have been told that even older DSLR cameras are better than my current p/s. So would it be ideal to just get the newer camera with the kit lens (18-55) or get the older camera with many lenses? Not sure what is the ideal move.

(also I am not a canon or nikon brand loyalist so either brand is ok with me)

Any thoughts? Thank you.

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