A TC20E becomes an electrified extension tube

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,779
Electrical mod

mmalkin15 wrote:

Thanks Marianne! I should have thought to try that but I will definitely experiment and make this change. Do you have any idea if it would be better to make the change on the lens side or on the camera side of the TC20? This is turning into a nice product......


This must be done on the lens side of the TC. The 9th and 10th contacts on the camera side have no function, since the camera lacks those extra contacts.

Just to be clear, the 10th contact will be the one on the far right, as you look into the lens end of the TC with the contacts at the top of the mount, i.e., it's the one closest to the lens release and lock-pin. (The first contact is the one closest to the aperture-control lever.) You only need to open-circuit the 10th contact to make the lens "think" it's mounted directly to a camera body.

Perhaps you could start a little cottage industry, recycling old TC-20E II's! Then, if Nikon introduce updated TC-14 or TC-17 converters later . . .

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