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Re: Thanks, Olympus and our mates in Malaysia

Hi Ming,

Yes, I was being diplomatic in not mentioning that dark side of the country. But luckily you have the strength of private enterprise for those that aren't in that tangled web. Although no-one really completely escapes the stickiness...


Ming Thein wrote:

Actually I disagree with that...for the most part, the country is rather inefficient and corrupt due to government subsidy policies and widespread cronyism. There's a portion of the population that has to work hard simply because they aren't in the loop - that's most private enterprise here.

DonTom wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

Hi, All. I would like to express my gratitude to Ming Thein, Robin Wong, and also Olympus Malaysia for their prompt action each time a significant product is announced to let us have real hands-on information, image samples, and comments from these expert photographers without waiting months, and also for their effort to answer questions on their blogs or here.

While most others like them take their time, and some are probably continuing their wining and dining in Cologne, or Paris at this tiime, Olympus Malaysia and these guys gave us really helpful and near instantaneous feedback and information that are not in announcement specs. Just check their websites for the latest product hands-on reports.

I can remember Robin probably working with little sleep churning out his reviews, one after another in quick succession, shortly after the OMD E-M5 was announced, from shooting insects, scenery, street portraits, and answering questions on his blog. While most appreciated that effort, some reacted with unkind comments just because Robin was seen to be too enthusiastic in his praises. We have now seen why he, a passionate photographer (not pro photographer or pro reviewer), was so enthusiastic at the time.

Like Robin, Ming also has shown us what such new products, like the the 60mm macro as well as the new E-PM2 and E-PL5, can do in the hands of experts and in real-life shooting and applications, as distinct from some of the dreary sample images we see on so many sites.

It may be months before other come up with good test reviews and carefully measured lab results, particularly if you still want to wait for scores from one particular site that seems unable/unwilling to report good and entirely reasonable set of scores for this Olympus E-M5 in spite of their tremendous expertise, but on the other hands seems very quick when reporting scores for some good performers made by other brands.

I take my hat off to you guys, Ming, Robin, and our mates in Olympus Malaysia.


At the risk of sounding culturally biased (my wife is from Malaysia), I think we are seeing the Malaysian work ethic shine through here. It is a country where enormous amounts of output is achieved via massive effort and efficiency. A place where no-one needs a shoe company to say "Just do it"!

Cheers, Tom
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