Just perception or real re quality, Canon vs Nikon

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The realm of color/skintones debate is filled with hyperbolic nonsense and it's last bastion of fanboyism.

Working with raw, you can get your skin-tone preference (whatever that is) with either brand. Neither is intrinsically better than the other.

While the above statement is generally true, there is a real and significant difference between Canon and Nikon. Nikon uses narrower transmittance spectra in the CFA than Canon does. Canon's CFA also places the red and green transmittance peak closer to each other (the red is more orange).

All that is true

The result is that Nikon cameras have a much higher color hue resolution in good light, whereas the Canon colors degrade less in poor light.

However, that is not.

The DXOMark measurements illustrates this quite nicely. Compare for example the measured color response of the D600 and the 5Dm3.

Under a daylight illuminant (CIE-D50), the D600 has a sensitivity metamerism index of 77, and the 5Dm3 74. In tungsten light (CIE-A) the D600 sensitivity metamerism index drops to 74, while the 5Dm3 scores 75.

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