Metz 44 AF-1 vs Nissin Di622 II for D90?

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Re: Metz 44 AF-1 vs Nissin Di622 II for D90?

after going over specs and comments about the flashes mentioned here (Di622 II, Di866 II, 44 AF-1, 50 AF-1), i had decided that i would get the Metz 50 AF-1. i checked some prices in indonesia (jakarta only, though, and i'm much farther north), and they go for around US$220. so i was willing to go ahead and get it, but unfortunately, of the the stores i visited only one carried that model, and the only stock they had was for canon! and they didn't have any units of the 44 AF-1 in stock. so i was stuck between the 622 and 866. the 622 II goes for around US$140 and the 866 II for US$250. i'm heading out tomorrow for a weekend trip, and will need the flash. so...

i went with the 622 II. the 866 has the features i want. but not in a package i was comfortable with (interface, and even price). so i'll be hanging onto this 622 until i have enough to get probably an SB-700.

i will miss FP sync, though. anyway, thanks to everyone who commented. it's appreciated.

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