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Re: DSLR vs. SLT

rjjr wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

Perhaps you tell us, based on your own experience shooting with a camera with an EVF, what are practical effects of EVF lag that you have identified.

For me the most important one is getting precisely timed shots (I have no problem timing shots using an OVF). Others are, image smearing/lag, blooming, and other anomalies associated with a video display.

This is pure nonsense. None of these things is present in the A77 display. Stop spreading FUD. The EVF in the A77 resembles an OVF. There is no line structure and no video artifacting. Smearing - what on earth would that be?

Manual focussing is an important part of photography - especially pro photography and there is no assisted way of doing this with an OVF beyond using the green focus confirmation light, which will activate over a wide focus range. Magnified view and peaking make very very precise manual focussing simple. You can also accurately preview depth of field which you can't do with the very thick ground screens on OVF cameras.

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