SU800 vs. Pocket Wizard Mini/Flex

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Re: SU800 vs. Pocket Wizard Mini/Flex

Well, I've been following this post and others and have ultimately gone from SU-800 + SB-910 & SB-800, to this plus the PW's. I got a Mini & a couple of Flex's.

My take on using the CLS without radio signals is this: It's a TOTAL joke!
Let's see, here's the limitations:

(Besides can't be used in bright lite)

-has to be in line of site, hence:
a- no softboxes around the light
b- must be in front of you
c- can't be behind the B&G - unless it just happens to bounce off a lucky window
d- lightstand mounting bracket can't block the slick IR signal
e- most of the time doesn't work 90˚ left or right of you
f- doesn't work more than a few feet

I could go on and on, but I'm willing to bet most of the people that say "Just use the built in IR! Why waste all that money on expensive radio proxy devices?" haven't actually used this CLS in a real-world setting, the rigors of altar shots and 1st dances etc.

Why spend all that money on radio devices? Because the bride and groom spent a lot of money on you! And they didn't spend it to watch a stupid look on your face when your lights aren't firing and you're trying to figure out why.

So after a couple jobs like this, I did drop the $620 on these 3 little PW gems, I use the SU-800 on top of the mini, and my speedlights on top of the Flex's. I'd put the reliability at about 95%. And with the SU I can control all ratios by myself instead of going to each light every time.

I'm sure the other couple radio brands work fine too, I think the PW's are the cadillac of the bunch, but there's no need for SU800 Vs. PW, when you can enjoy the luxury of both!

This is the Youtube vid that turned me on to this setup, put out by the PW people of course, but it explains it all:


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