I want to try film!!!

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Re: I want to try film!!!

I shoot film as well as digital, and own everything from toy plastic cameras to a nice Nikon 35Ti. Shooting film is a blast. Waiting to get your prints back is fun. And learning how to work within the limitations of simple film cameras will actually teach you a LOT about shooting digital, as well as making you a better photographer.

You picked a nice camera to learn on. I would also encourage you to pick up a toy 120 Holga and learn how to actually take good pictures with it. Holgas are so ridiculously limited that you will uncover a lot about photographic technique by working with one. For less than the cost of a lens hood, you can buy a Holga, a few rolls of 120 film, and some quality developing. I've found my Holga to be a grand adventure.

Also, a few resources:
http://www.thedarkroom.com (pro film developing for reasonable prices)

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