Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Re: Not only size, $$$

I think you are an optimist, if you don't think that while selling the RX1 Sony directors don't walk laughing all the way to the bank.

Surely an ILC successor might be cheaper, and perhaps have 3 dedicated lenses that are not too big.

Bu the set would still be v. expensive for what it is, and not have the flexibility of m4/3.

I am not a mirrorless fundamentlist, i think that 135 FF is the pro middle format, and that even dSLR will stay for that.

But then it will become even more refined and expensive, not less. The RX1 is an expensive toy for managers and dentists, who have the money but not the time.

m4/3 goes in the opposite direction, but with such a good sensor, and lens flexibility that it will stay for a loong time, longer than myself at any rate

I think it was at the Phoblographer that I saw a comparison between the Leica M9 and the E-M5, and the latter won in resolution and perhaps even in DR. It is pretty astonishing what small sensors can now do.

My take is that some users can't really fight in their mind the meme of 135mm being the central format, but it is the same of the Equivalence illness. Once you reach such a degree of resolution in cropped sensors, it doesn't make any sense to saddle yourself as a donkey to carry such a system.

BTW the Fuji Trans X sensor is just as astonishing, it even has the filmic feel of a Leica, so what more is needed?

One of the reasons given to cling to 135mm is that you can use legacy lenses at the true focal they were designed for, but you end up in paying quite a bit the privilege


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