Canon 1DX: EC with Manual Exposure Mode and Auto ISO combo?

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Re: Canon 1DX: EC with Manual Exposure Mode and Auto ISO combo?

Johanfoto wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

You don't happen to have any similar super exposure tricks for poor peeps like me who have older equipment without the Auto ISO feature do ya?

Actually, I do, depending on how old the equipment is. My EOS-1Ds Mark III for example can't be used this way, because it doesn't have Auto-ISO. It does have 'Safety Shift' though, and that can be used as a kind of 'Auto-ISO for emergencies'. Use the same settings (Tv and aperture limited to one value), but instead of Auto-ISO set the camera to an ISO value you're comfortable with, for example 400 ISO. Then go to C.Fn I (8) and set Safety Shift to 2 (ISO speed). This works as follows: If the camera can't achieve correct exposure using the Shutter Speed and Aperture you've set, combined with 400ISO, it will change the ISO-value as needed to get that correct exposure. Essentially, this is the same as Auto-ISO except that you set a base ISO to start from. And again, because you're using Tv, you do have the EC option available as well.

You are a fekkin star!!

Canon should pay you royalties for making their kit more useful!

I don't have a Mark III. I have the Mark II (I am an extremely poor peasant; I have just got back from queing for a UN food parcel )

I am gonna try this out now with my Mark II and report back here as to how I got on.


Just tried.

Nah. Won't work. Why? Coz Canon, or at least some numb skull who worked for Canon (and has hopefully since been fired) thought it a grand idea to cause the photographer to tether his camera to a computer whenever a Custom/Personal Function parameter needs to be changed. Muppets!!!

I am gonna try and work on a (rather long winded) workaround. I am hoping that I can save various camera setups to the memory card and recall them quickly. If I can, then perhaps I can have each Settings file containt a different shutter speed or whatever. I dunno. It's a loooooong shot, but I will give it a try.


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