EX2F ISO performance review at IR

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Re: EX2F ISO performance review at IR

Sorry but you have to read the spec's for the Canon S100 & S110 again, the have a lens that start at 24mm !!

Chris62 wrote:

Photostyle wrote:

I deed compare EX2F 400 ISO to S100 800 ISO, and even with this disadvantage for the S100, to me the S100 looks better sorry, it's only my opinion of course, and for a alternative camera there is now the Canon S110 !!
I deed own the EX1 by the way, and to me the EX2F is a unsufficiently upgrade.

OK but why? What exactly is better in Canon picture?
A little bit less noise occupied fine detail lost?

It can be easy compensated but even now theh differences are so small that nobody will them see at final size - monitor or picture on the wall.
It is only example on default settings.

Using RAW much more increases the quality in every aspect of post procesiing with full control.
You can decide not camera what colour is better etc.

I do not think it is any issue. More important is the lens quality - Canon has CA bigger than S&K installed on EX2 and always needs higher ISO than EX2 and no 24 mm makes origins whan you compose in eg. large object from short distance.

Shorter tele range? OK but it can be compensated by cropping - but wide angle can't!

I suggest to make an evaluation as whole and focus on the most important things because on that level you can not change the lens!!!!!

Did you thik about Depth of Field?

Sometimes is nice to get blurred back stage of cource it is difficult wit small sensor and slow lens.

Think also about ergonomy - try keep camera in hands check if it is convenient to operate. Very important thing is AF precision and speed.

What about equipment? Filters, flashes?

I wish you a good choise.


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