D7000 owners..planning to sell when D7100 or D400 comes ?

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I've followed those threads also. Mine does not appear to be attached to the release button and mine is almost impossible to duplicate when I try to. I will perhaps send it to Nikon someday, but I was not convinced when talking to them that they had a clue what I was trying to explain. If I had a service center near me I would definitely walk it in, but I'm afraid that I will send it in, have it come back the same, and then come here to rant about my experience. I only miss about 1 in a couple hundred shots because of this now that I've adapted my technique and I'd rather do that than be w/o my best body for a month+, with the added expense of shipping and no guarantee that Nikon will find a problem.

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TOR8472 wrote:

I have a love / hate relationship with my D7000. I love the images it can capture, I hate that I have to check constantly whether the focus has "gone to sleep". This is not the erratic focus performance some talk about. Mine just stops focusing and I need to wake it up by moving the focus ring or giving it a tightening twist against the body. At least it is very obvious when it happens.

Known problem. Have seen two like that in the past year or so. I think it's due to a weak spring in the lens release button or such. Nikon can fix it.

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