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Re: Continuous AF - turn it off!

Marco Nero wrote:

c.hammett wrote:

I do have a question though, about using the MF on the back wheel, with the focusing scale on the right side of the LCD. It is SLOW to crank up the MF to infinity. Is there any way to speed this up ? It's like watching paint dry !

It is a bit slow if you need it in a hurry but if you scroll with the rear wheel, you'll feel that it moves in little "clicks" as you scroll left and right with it. Each of those clicks moves the focus about a quarter of a centimeter (when in a closeup macro) so you'll find that it is quite useful.

Yes, I noted the clicks and shifting focus in increments. I just wondered if there was a way to just slide directly to infinity. Thanks for the confirmation.

If you are taking pictures of the night sky, you'll just need to keep turning the wheel to get to maximum (Infinity). If you are taking pictures involving a sunset and there's no contrasting cloud or horizon to use, you may also need to use MF to get the focus to move to Infinity.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think on something like that, wouldn't it be easier to just take off the 250D ? Is there any advantage to using it then ?

Finally, one last thing, it may help to turn OFF the "Continuous AF" in the menu. If you leave it ON, you'll find that the camera will shift focus in an attempt to "help" you. And that means more battery consumption and it means you might lose that finely tuned manually focussed shot you were lining up. If shooting a lot of pictures with INFINITY (MF), the Continuous AF (if left ON) will occasionally shift whilst it attempts to "help you out" and you may end up with a blurred shot every now and then. Again, this was yet another reason for me to turn off the Continuous AF in the Menu.

Funny, but I read somewhere last night about turning off "Continuos AF" It has been puzzling to say the least, when it would kick in to alter the focus I set manually. Thanks for confirming this !

One thing that puzzles me is using the 250D with the lens zoomed, regardless of focal length. I am not doing something right there, as I still seem to have to move in to ca. 10 inches or so from the subject . I can't seem to achieve decent focus any way but at full w/a. Is it true that with the 250D, you mostly will have to shoot between ca. 10 inches when zooming, or 7-8 inches at w/a ? Does the 250D ever achieve focus several feet away from subject ?

1. Continuous AF off
2. Macro ON

3. But with Macro ON, how do you use MF ? When you access Macro / Normal / MF, settings, it is either one or the other , so it seems you have to make a choice of Macro or MF .

What am I missing ?

Thanks Marco !!! You are a great guy to put up with dumb questions

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