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Re: 7D Sports Settings

For the 7D I use AI Servo with standard settings except that I use focus point expansion...center point and adjacent four points (above, below, left, and right). This has worked better for me than single point. I've had no problems at all in daylight (JV games) where I use a 70-300L and shoot at 1/1000 or faster and use jpeg or RAW. But, at most High School night games I have to switch to the 70-200L 2.8 to get a shutter speed I can live with (1/500 is slowest..prefer 1/800 if I can get it) and shoot RAW at 3200 or 4000. I don't like the loss of detail I get from anti-noise adjustments needed at 6400...but...I confess that I am not sufficiently proficient at tweaking those settings yet.

The 70-300L is a wonderful sports lens but it is very hard to get decent shots with the lighting at most High Schools with F5.6 at 300mm without cranking ISO way high or shutter speed too low. I have had adequate shots at 1/250 and 3200 or 1/500 at 6400 (see below...some images rugby, not football...but the lighting is the same)...but I get far more keepers at F2.8 using the 70-200.

I hope this helps!

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