Rattlesnaking still a problem?

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Re: Rattlesnaking still a problem?

Well, I've only had an hour of time with my PL25 since I got home from work last night and unboxed it. At least indoors I cannot get it to rattlesnake (my OM-D E-M5 is running v1.2 firmware).

My 45mm I can get to rattlesnake quietly if I point it right at a strong light source and then away indoors. It is quiet, but I can hear the aperture clicking if the room is quiet.

Doing the same thing with the PL25 produces no audible noise (though I haven't looked down the lens to see if the apeture is physically moving or not).

I generally do not use EVF refresh mode high (and it is not set right now).

I'll see if I can play with it when I get home this evening, while the sun is still up to see if it'll do it.

I am extremely impressed with the optical quality of this lens though. I dislike the size/weight, but the optical quality is just astounding.

Focusing is kind of slowish though and it tends to hunt a bit. A little faster than my 17/2.8, but almost completely silent. My 14, 30 and 45 deffinitely focus faster, but no quieter. Focus speed is tolerable though.

It is a big lens though (not that heavy for its size however).

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