Is Elinchrom Replacing Its Lighting Product Line?

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Re: Is Elinchrom Replacing Its Lighting Product Line?

At PhotoKina 2012 Elinchrom announced a number of new products, however, shipping of these new SKU's will happen over the next few months.

For US we expect the Quadra Hybrid to arrive on our shores in November. Today the only difference between the Quadra RX and the Quadra Hybrid is the paint on the side of the case and the Hybrid allows power levels of both Lead Acid and Li-Ion to be displayed on top of pack (RX cannot show Li-Ion on top). However there is an updated logic board in the Hybrid as Elinchrom plans for the future. With the introduction of the Quadra Hybrid users will have choice of either Lead Acid or Li-Ion batteries in their sets.

Replacing the D-Lite-IT and the BXRi will be the D-Lite RX and the BRX. The difference between current versions and the RX version is that the RX gets full Skyport remote control from the EL Skyport Speed Transmitter, the EL Skyport USB Transceiver and the EL Skyport WiFi module making Elinchrom to only lighting company in the world to offer full remote control of all of their strobes and the exclusive lighting company to offer Apple mobile device integration (when using EL Skyport WiFi). To hit a price sensitive market for shooters moving up from speed lights to studio strobes Elinchrom will also introduce the D-Lite RX One a 100 ws very light weight head with full RX support. A two head, 2 softbox kit will cost about $200 more then a quality speed light and offer almost three times the power. The US will get these new strobes sometime this December or January.

Like most everyone else, the US received this information last week and is trying to get the new items added to our system so users can place orders on them. Over the next few weeks you'll be able to place an order for a Quadra Hybrid from your favorite photo retailer. The new compacts won't be available for ordering until November when we get confirmation on ship dates from the factory.

The Elinchrom US site will be updated as we get the new SKU's into the system.

Hope this helps clarify the new strobe introductions by Elinchrom.

Mark Astmann
Product Lighting Manager
Manfrotto Distribution USA

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