Advice on infant photography

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Re: Advice on infant photography

Been there, done that. Twice. First time I forgot my camera home (must have been very nervous). Second time I got a bag full of cameras. When the nurse asked me if I had a camera and wanted to take pictures, I pulled out my D700 with 14-24 f2.8, which I ended up using for most of the pictures. I also used my 24-70mm f2.8, mostly towards the wider end. Nothing longer.

Based solely on my own experience, I can confidently state a few things.

1. Delivery rooms are smallish, crowded with equipment and very poorly lit. Get a wider, fast lens and brace yourself for using high ISOs.

2. There is no way you can see in advance the labor room, as nobody knows which one will be available at the time of birth.

3. Be prepared to wait a solid number of hours, especially if it is the first baby.

4. The personnel might not be happy with you taking pictures during the delivery, but they will let you know when you can pull out your camera, after the baby is out. Do not expect to take pictures over the doctor’s shoulder – it is highly unlikely they will let you. If you do though, post them here, for constructive critique. Or maybe not

5. You might actually have a hard time to get in the labor room in the first place, if you are not the father. A man with a camera on the loose on the labor floor is the last thing they want there (mainly for safety and liability concerns).

6. There are no restrictions whatsoever to get in the after-birth room and take as many pictures as you want, with bounced flashes or whatever illumination schemes you wish.

7. Oh, and one important thing (not of primary photographic concern): make sure she asks for an epidural.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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