Cool add-on swivel screen Canon...?

Started Sep 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Cool add-on swivel screen Canon...?

I'm sure the idea has crossed their minds more than once. And they probably have done their market research and have found that a majority of buyers doesn't need or want such gadgetry.

There are third party screens available for those who want to do video with these cameras. Heck, you can turn a 5-series camera into a semi-professional movie cam with all sorts of stuff. Fine, but most users look still at the core functions.

Instead of adding more flimsy plastic parts and generation-Y gadgets I'd rather see Canon stick to focusing on photography. I don't want video, live-view, three screens with histograms, face recognition, GPS, things that beep at me or any other distraction. In fact, I wish there was a full frame DSLR that was manual focus only and build for it. Or I wish a Leica M system was as affordable (relatively speaking) as Canon gear...

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