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Re: Burlesque

vladi1234567 wrote:

mgatov wrote:

Cadillac once took a Chevy Cavalier and rebadged it as the Cadillac Cimmeron. That albatross of history is still hanging around their neck. Hasselblad should have learned from history.

I personally don't like that particular Hasselblad. But I do like the Lunar, though - looks pretty unusual.

Also, you can't really compare Cavalier with RX100. RX100 is top of the line point and shoot, while Cavalier was the cheapest Chevy as far as I recall. Wasn't it?

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D700, RX100

The comparison stands. Its about charging more for a badge and nothing more. Even rich people will hopefully have some common sense.

I honestly don't think this partnership is helping either company look good.

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