EC-14, EC-20 and EX-25 with the MMF adaptor

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
agogo Contributing Member • Posts: 579
EM5 with 300/2.8 and EC-14...

Have just tried this combination out!! (with MMF)

Focus is very sloppy with the tele-converter. Similar AF performance to other 4/3 lenses demonstrated on you-tube and as mentioned in these forums without the EC. Focus limiter helps a bit.

The EM5 is a very sturdy little cam and, although I'd never hold the rig with the camera only, it is quite ok when holding the lens with camera together. This really surprised me. The magnesium-alloy body is similar in sturdiness and as reassuring as the E3/5. I could even get used to the camera/lens size ratio (probably similar to a DSLR with a 600mm lens).

What is amazing is the quality and sharpness of the files when using this SHG lens. Like WOW!!!

Another thing I intend to try is 9FPS shooting when birding. Obviously not tracking a BIF or quick-lock focusing - more manually focusing (predicting) and catching a bird along line of focus (spray and pray :-))

I love how light this rig is too! Please Oly, bring out a similar cam that focuses 4/3 lenses properly! Pretty please! Please, please, please, please!!

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