Interchanging DSLR and SLR lense

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Re: Interchanging DSLR and SLR lense

Pedagydusz wrote:

I suspect that your question is of a more practical level than the answers of the above posters.

I would say: in general, you can use the lenses of the same manufacturers of the cameras. Ie, if you buy most Canon lenses today, new (EF mount), they will be usable in most Canon DSLRs. But with some restrictions: there are two different Canon mount lenses, the EF-S only fits some models (most, really).

There is a similar situation in the Nikon world: yes, but some lenses do not fit all, and some cameras do not accept all.

Nikon is not similar. Every lens since 1977 (AI/AIS) will fit on every Nikon dSLR. Previous lenses, made as early as the 50s and 60s can be easily adapted for as little as $35, and many people have done it themselves.

For manual lenses, the higher end cameras will meter with them, the lower end will not. But you can get focus confirmation, and use a histogram to meter.

Nikon did start off in film cameras with autofocus in the camera body and moved it to the lens. Starting with the D40, entry level nikons don't have the AF motor in the body, so need the AF motor in the lens(AFS).

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