Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Not only size, $$$

Well OC you do what you want, especially if you are a rich amateur with $ burning your fingers.

Because the issue is not with the size of the body, although it will probably be with the size of the lenses. In the 135 world 35mm is the smallest lens of all. Not using a mount makes it even smaller.

But then OC everybody knows the size of Canon white ultra-teles. Do you want to carry those?

And finally the price. Makers can lure one by making a body which is small, but can they make it below 2000 or in the future below 1500$? Industry watchers say no. And then add the price of the lenses, and large lenses. The white ones.

A pro will offset them in a couple of yrs. but an enthusiast?

Therefore these threads about FF, the millionth one, just help deluding the poster that he is richer than the others. Without even having to spend the many thousands to buy such a system.

I call it borderline consumerist trolling, a v. common sport nowadays, and not an expensive one. Costs only some electronic ink


Mazin Sami wrote:

I know that... the E-M5 is a jewel, almost bought one today, Samy's Camera had a no sale tax this week, but I decided to wait a little more, I'm watching for Sony to come out with an interchangeable camera lenses, like the RX1.

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