GX1 50% price drop in under 10 months

Started Aug 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Already happened

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I won't be surprised that we will see a similar fire sale with the E-PL3 and E-PM1, as the new E-PL5 and E-PM2 (with their E-M5 IQ and AF performance).

E-PM1 was introduced in the UK at above £300 body only. It is now £150.
E-PL3 was introduced in the UK at around £380 body only. It is now £200.

In comparison, the GX1 started off at £550 and is now £330. In terms of percentages it's doing better than these PENs.

M4/3 has this habit of radically reducing prices on the lower to medium models at around one year of age. It's simply bad practice to buy an M4/3 body on release, unless they put in some incentives such as extended warranty, free lightroom license, good cashbacks, etc.

The top line price reduction takes longer, like 1.5 years or more to achieve near half price, but they still drop more than most DSLRs.

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