My C3 at Home Studio

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Re: My C3 at Home Studio

I like your shots. Great job considering that the Nex-C3 is not the ideal Strobist's camera! They are not a million miles away from the kind of thing I would like to have a go at doing using my own C3.

In my case, I have SYK5 trigger, some modified YongNuo 603's and a pair of old Canon 430EZ's. I've managed to get the Canon 430ez's to wirelessly sync correctly from my C3's screw on flash unit. I don't have a softbox, but I do have an umbrella-box and a shoot-through umbrella as well.

I was wondering what kind of seamless background you are using there, as I noticed some slight ripples in the upper corners, but the floor looks immaculate and slightly shiny. Are they 2 separate materials? I presume the coloured background is done with Rosco gels or something similar?

Also, You say you are using 3 flashes (1 in the softbox as a key light, 2 on the background). Your key light is above and left, but the right side still looks like there is a degree of fill on it. Is this ambient light?

I would love to see a shot taken from further back at a wider angle, so I can see how you placed your lights. A lot of online tutorials have lighting diagrams on them, but it's often hard to envisage what the distances are between the lights/subject/background.

Any tips you can pass on would be greatly appreciated.

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