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Re: Consider a Compact Camera as well ...

gmoniey wrote:

You're very son is going to be 1 in a few days, and already becoming difficult to keep up with.

Indeed. My little friend never seemed to stay within the fairly narrow Depth of Field of around 1-2 Feet that I could manage with my LZ5 (equivalent focal length of 38mm at wide-angle). I think that part of the joy and abandon of toddling is moving away, and back towards, the adults to whom they are endeared. Ah, the freedoms of mobility - and little lightning-bursts of energy !

I agree...those candid moments are going to be very tough to catch, regardless of camera, so what your suggesting makes sense. I suppose I'm on the fence now...perhaps my long term vision is having both types of cameras...and interchangeable one for more "prepared photography" and a handy fixed lens for more practical day to day baby pics.

The "serious camera" idea makes good adult sense for us - but it is the handy compacts that can be at the ready for quick deployment when we find that we are circling around "little whirlwinds".

Having deep DOF at full wide-angle helps when the application of some zoom begins to decrease DOF very quickly (by the square of Zoom Factor). There the short Focal Lengths of compacts help.

To date, even though I have an old school sony p&s, and an iphone seems to be my camera of choice, because of accessibility (and ease of sharing pictures), but the quailty and focus is frustrating.

The LX3 has served me well. The DMC-LX7 looks nice (better and "faster" lens than the LX5). It shoots in RAW, as well (my primary use) - though only burst-mode JPGs can keep up with tots ...

I recently recommended a DMC-ZS15 to my neighbor, which has an smaller CMOS image-sensor that nevertheless (according to DxOMark) slightly out-performs the LX3/LX5 CCD larger image-sensors. It has some very impressive improvements relative to my previous-generation DMC-ZS7.

also...your daughter is very cute.

She is not mine by birth - but she is very much my "godchild" in my heart, for all time, hereafter. No flower, fern, or tree is as beautiful to behold and photograph for me as is she. $200 2006 P&S:

Subject, lighting, perspective, focus, exposure, tenacious effort, patience, and luck are 90% of it !

DM ...

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