Why does my sensor not record as much detail as it sends to the screen?

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Re: Why does my sensor not record as much detail as it sends to the screen?

John Sheehy wrote:

jsKlubb wrote:

I decided to use my camera to read a faraway (less than 100 meters) advertisement. The combination used was Canon 60D + EF-S 55–250 mm f/40–56 (at 250). I used then "Live view" mode. Directed the camera towards the text and noticed that by using the 10x magnification option, I could read all the text in the advertisement without difficulty. Then I took the photo and noticed that the smallest text was not readable in the photo. I experimented with different ISO and aperture values, with MF and AF, with IS on and off etc. Nothing helped. None of my shots had the same sharpness as the magnified picture on the screen – the smallest text was not readable. The lens delivers and the screen shows a better picture than the camera seems to be able to record. The sensor seems to be able to send better information to the screen than to the memory card? My question is why? Does this hold for all cameras and lenses or is there something specific in my case?

You're actually watching a movie in LiveView, and your brain can actually gather more detail from from a jittery movie than it can from a still with the same resolution, getting little bits of information from each unique sensor/subject registration, just like software can create a higher-res image from a series of shots with slightly different registration.

Your explanation sounds very reasonable. I believe this is the truth (at least until somebody comes with something still better). Thank You.

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