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Re: Consider a Compact Camera as well ...

Perhaps a venture into child psychology, but I found it to be significant and important in taking thousands of pictures on my little friend in her "dream time". The camera was a mystery and an object of curiosity to her. I avoided showing her what it did, and managed to put that moment off until she was around 2 years old, so as not to end the "dream time" of authenticity, and enter the world of self-consciousness and posing, soon (enough) leading to nothing but goofy faces, etc. ...

Whatever occupies your hands and attention will fill them with curiosity and occupy their attention. Much better to have a small little item that you can keep in your pocket, and deploy with minimal distraction at opportune moments, then return it to the pocket, quickly leaving their attention. If a camera is big and your pull it out of a case and it occupies your hands, they will tend to be distracted by it (as you appear to be), be overcome with curiosity about it, and even perhaps come to be somewhat resentful of it's occupying your energy and attention. They will long to grab it and play with it, too, cover that fancy lens with little fingerprints, and in general come to see it as something that separates you from them, and a mysterious, perhaps unwelcome, distraction ...

Much better (I found, at least) that the "focus" remains on what they are doing, with the camera only a small and briefly seen "little box" that does not detract from their experiencing you and the world around them - as the best perspectives are found when the observer's tools does not overly affect the environment, and the little one, being observed. My little friend had no idea what that small "little box" was that would seem to so often appear in my hands - but it became a familiar and only a minor mystery over time. The same day that I took the previously posted burst-shots, I decided to finally demonstrate some (to her) coherently understandable purpose to the "little box"

Involving the ancient game of "peek-a-boo", I briefly (and unusually for her) hid my eyes behind the camera as a I framed the shot, whispered "peek-a-boo" to her, and at the moment that she finally perceived a practical (and playful) purpose to the "little box", I got my all time favorite shot of her (albeit severely under-exposed, with many iterations at PP rescue attempts following after):


6 years later, she is still my very best friend, but getting a non-goofy pose is like "pulling teeth" ...


The moral of my story is that the "dream time" free from self-consciousness is brief. An infant is incapable of insincerity, brimming with every emotion possible. Readily capturing "subject quality" for the briefest moments in largely unscriptable/uncontrollable conditions trumps all other things

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