tilt adapter with Nikon DX lens?

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
BBbuilder467 Senior Member • Posts: 2,537
Re: tilt adapter with Nikon DX lens?

I read your post several times and linked to e-bay and saw that adapter looked identical to mine.

After studing every bit of this adapter trying to find why this wouldn't rotate, I kept remembering your mention of "detents". I was about to post when as a last resort I gripped the body and the mount as hard as I could and it "clicked".

This thing does rotate. But it takes all the strength I have to turn it a click. If it was mounted on the camera, I'd rip it right off. I can click it twice and I don't have the strength to click a third time. I'd need a pipe wrench to turn it.

Anyway, I hope I didn't cause too much confusion. At least I might be able to use the thing for something.

PS: I've tried turning it several times now, even with a rubber pad for grip and it takes all my strength to turn. It doesn't seem to be freeing up, but at least it turns.

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