30mm macro disappointing

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Re: 30mm macro disappointing

I think the Marumi DHG Achromat 330 (+3) is powerful enough with the 18-200mm. The 200 (+5) is much more powerful with this focal range and may be harder to control. It will also reduce the minimum focusing distance more as well as the depth of field.

Just my two cents...


deeps221 wrote:

Thanks for the advice

I will look into the Marumi DHG 67mm 67 Macro +5 200

over the weekend i will go to sony and try and get the pic or use my sd card.
In the lens defense it could just be me and lack of skill and settings.

I was not aware that macro shots needs to be done with a tripod and maybe that's the reason it came out bad

viking79 - just use a manual focus macro lens. OIS should not be necessary on macro as you should be using a tripod

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