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Re: Consider a Compact Camera as well ...

gmoniey wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions...

I suppose I was leaning towards an interchangable lens camera so that I can learn and grow when it comes to photography.

Understood. My only point is that your son will only be an infant once - for an all too brief dream-time, free from self-consciousness, and to soon become mobile to the point of flummoxing almost any camera. Something small and easy to have at the ready, perhaps even operate with one hand if necessary, and able to zoom and AF quickly, can (with image-stabilization and a reasonably "fast" lens) deal with indoor and other non-ideal lighting conditions, and having a good and fast burst-mode is your best chance of not missing precious, spontaneous and brief moments.

Apparently a study was once conducted where an olympic-trained athelete tried to mirror every physical motion of a 2-3 year toddler. After some 30 minutes, the athelete experienced cardiac-arrest. They are like little lightning bolts once mobile, and love to move forward or back from you !

That being said, I see what your saying about the expenses. I suppose my next step would be to go into a camera store and try different models and get a feel for them.

A trusty "Mini-Me" camera would run you less than many M43 lenses alone. The FZ200 is too big to be pocketable - but a LX7 around $450 (or ZS15 if you can live a "slower" lens at F=3.3, with JPG only, and lower overall image-quality, around $250) would be my tool of choice. Just for fun, here is a burst-series taken using my first little 6 Mpixel P&S (at around 2 shots per second), demonstrating how quickly an infant changes emotions and expressions (if not position, as well):


DM ...

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