Weight of Lens on D600 stressing mounts?

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Re: Weight of Lens on D600 stressing mounts?

The heaviest lens I use is the 300 2.8. I carry two cameras to most sporting events with the 70-200 and the 300. For YEARS I just have a camera strap on each shoulder and the lenses just hang down. I don't use a monopod, especially now with the D3s's. I've never had a problem with the mounts, all the way back to the Ftn, F3, F5, D200, D300, D700 and now the D3s's. I do try to hold the lenses steady when I'm walking so they don't bang together or on anything else. By the way, I've never understood the need for a monopod for a 300 or shorter lens unless it's a REALLY dark venue like the Kibby Dome in Idaho.

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